Bondalti ensures that all products are in compliance with the regulatory requirements in force in the markets in which it operates.

Regulatory compliance

European Union

REACH - Bondalti has submitted all relevant registrations as required by REACH and they are continuously updated to ensure legal compliance.

BPR - We ensure compliance with applicable laws, directives and regulations, as well as registrations and certifications required for active substances and biocidal products.

Outside the European Union

In recent years new regulations for chemicals have been introduced or are being developed around the world, for example in the UK, Turkey or India. Bondalti follows closely the regulatory developments in order to ensure legal compliance in all countries of destination of its products.


Bondalti is prepared to provide customers with confirmation that their products are in compliance with the applicable requirements in their market.

The clients will always find in Bondalti a support base to better define/implement legal compliance strategies for their business.

Bondalti maintains a close cooperation with the different stakeholders, namely suppliers, clients and competent entities.

Legal information
This publication is merely informative, not resulting in any rights. Bondalti does not assume any responsibility for any errors or omissions of the information contained herein. Each client, supplier or other person or entity doing business with Bondalti is the only responsible for the correct and full compliance of its obligations under the current legislation.