Bondalti bases its activity on responsible business growth and sustainable development, encompassing the communities in which it operates, adopting benchmark practices and incorporating the needs and expectations of stakeholders.

At Bondalti, the pursuit of excellence, innovation, personal fulfillment, ethics and trust and responsible action are the pillars of value creation, underpinned by a constant awareness of current trends in technology, social and environmental responsibility and new markets.

These are the principles that inspire us on a daily basis.

One of the main expressions of Bondalti's Corporate Culture is its , which can be consulted here

Corruption Risk Assessment Reports:


To contribute to a better world through creating innovative and sustainable chemistry.


To be a benchmark chemical partner in the global market, recognised for its long-lasting relations based on the supply of high-quality innovative solutions, ensuring higher standards of safety and respect for the environment and creating value for employees, shareholders, clients, suppliers and the community.



We encourage an ongoing attitude of continuous improvement, through individual responsibility and teamwork, striving for excellence and consistency.


We foster an entrepreneurial culture and an open and curious mentality, in the constant search for new solutions and value-creating opportunities.

Human Development

We put human dignity at the centre of our decisions and contribute to the development of their abilities, fostering autonomy and ongoing learning.


We promote honest and ethical behaviour, establishing relationships of trust and loyalty, treating everyone fairly and truthfully.

Responsible practices

We strive every day to be synonymous with high standards of quality, safety and respect for the environment, seeking to add value to the communities where we operate, while protecting both people and the planet.