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At Bondalti, we are united by innovation at the service of people's well-being. We are the largest company in the Portuguese chemical industry, we have entered new areas of sustainability and we are inspired by the same passion of the company's founder, Alfredo da Silva, who 120 years ago showed that it was possible to bet on national ingenuity and excellence.

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What we do

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Case Studies

Habitat Perditos

“Lost Habitat” aims to preserve Natural Capital by promoting benefits and positive impacts for society at large.

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Julian Soler

JULIAN SOLER, a company specialized in the production of grape juice, was well aware that the effluent resulting from the production of concentrated must is extremely problematic for biological purification.

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Electrolysis at Bondalti

Electrolysis is the heart of chlor-alkali plants. This is where the most important chemical reactions take place which, in Bondalti's case, transform sodium chloride - the common salt - into chlorine, caustic soda and hydrogen. Watch the video to find out how this whole process takes place.

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News and Media

EcoVadis world index honours Bondalti

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Bondalti Water certified as a "COTEC Innovator"

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Vasco da Gama awards highlight iberian relations

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