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Defending Natural Capital

Natural Capital is the set of renewable and non-renewable Natural Resources which are exploited to yield a flow of services for Humanity, thereby contributing to economic and social development. These include terrestrial and marine ecosystems, biodiversity, water, soil and air, geological deposits and everything that the Planet provides us with. These assets that Nature possesses are estimated to be worth more than 50% of the world’s GDP.

Unfortunately, the most recent data points to an unsustainable fact, which is that humanity as a whole is consuming 25% more natural resources than the planet is capable of providing. In addition to this figure, we must add a high rate of waste, which increases overexploitation and accelerates the process of resource depletion.

For several years, Bondalti has been developing policies that value Natural Capital and that seek to reduce and minimise the impact of the company’s activity. From the outset, through the use of state-of-the-art technologies. Then focussing strategically and systematically on reducing the consumption of raw materials and, in particular, that of energy. At Bondalti we have integrated and have been strengthening the concept of the Circular Economy.  

Find out what we do best in our industrial units and what our commitments to Biodiversity are.