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Bondalti Energy is more than just an economic sector in the Bondalti universe. This business area embodies the company’s commitment to sustainable value creation, through its resources and experience.

Focused on the production of green energies, Bondalti Energy aims to contribute towards the fulfilment of European climate and energy targets, in response to the growing demand for sustainable solutions in the industrial sector. Simultaneously, it promotes its own decarbonisation, with carbon neutrality expected to be achieved by 2030.

To achieve this twofold ambition, Bondalti maximises the know-how accumulated over decades spent developing technologies and processes in the area of Industrial Chemicals, with special focus on the process of electrolysis, a distinctive resource that, when associated with renewable energy sources, allows the creation of new sustainable products and materials, with high added value.

Faced with this promising combination, which offers a significant competitive advantage, the company’s strategic option has centred around concentrating its efforts, and a significant part of its investments, on projects related to the production of green lithium and green hydrogen - as environmentally responsible energy solutions. Both lithium and hydrogen are obtained through processes similar to chlor-alkali production, the company’s core business in which it has extensive experience.

Today, these two value chains provide Bondalti with new paths for sustainable growth, while at the same time constituting an important contribution by the company towards the generation of a positive impact on society.
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