Green Lithium

Bondalti is preparing to participate in the large-scale production of green lithium.
This business area aims to take a leading position in this refining industry at national and international level.

Relying on Bondalti's vast industrial experience and the support of the José de Mello Group, Lifthium aims to become a world reference in the refining of green lithium and is well positioned to supply sustainable, high-quality lithium hydroxide, contributing to the electrification of mobility based on renewable energy sources.

Currently, Lifthium already has the project for the first plant in the licensing phase. By 2030, there will be three plants under development, two of which will be in operation, which will equate to a refining capacity of 50,000 tons per year, with room to accelerate production. Innovative and sustainable production technologies will guarantee a reduction of more than 50% in the carbon emissions associated with lithium refining, compared to current industry standards.

More than 2 million cars a year will be powered by electric batteries containing lithium hydroxide supplied by this business area.


Within the green lithium value chain, Lifthium uses two distinct technologies, united by the same focus on innovation and sustainability:

• From lithium chloride

Betting on the refining of lithium chloride by adapting electrolysis technology, taking advantage of the expertise gained by Bondalti in the implementation of this process in the chlor-alkali sector. This process will be powered by energy obtained from renewable sources, replacing conventional processes with a higher carbon footprint. In addition to an obvious environmental benefit, the aim is also to reduce costs through circularity and the integration of existing value chains.

• From spodumene

Addressing a conventional refining technology, based on the transformation of spodumene rock into lithium hydroxide, with a view to substantially reducing the high environmental impact traditionally associated with this process, by increasingly relying on renewable and sustainable sources.


Committed to establishing itself as a global benchmark in green lithium refining, Lifthium wants to lead the industry towards a more sustainable future, with clear targets to meet:

• Reduce carbon emissions associated with lithium refining by more than 50% by 2030;

• Ensure sustainability throughout the value chain by focusing on raw materials that meet the highest ESG standards;

• Tackling waste in production to mitigate the environmental footprint.

Convinced that sustainability and innovation require a convergence effort, Lifthium also intends to become an important player in the creation of a national lithium ecosystem and in the transition to electric mobility, establishing partnerships with other relevant players in the sector, which will make the national industry stand out in the global market.