In Bondalti's DNA

Innovation is part of Bondalti's history and present, and is its best guarantee for the future. It is one of Bondalti's Values and our commitment is to create a Chemistry with an impact on People, on the business and on the sustainable transition to a more digital and green economy.

Innovating at Bondalti

It's about looking at new possibilities and going beyond what we produce today. Investigating, developing, unleashing creativity, divergent thinking and the entrepreneurial spirit and exploring new green and digital solutions that can impact the company and society as a whole.

It's about listening to people and stakeholders and working closely with the Ecosystem that surrounds us (Government, Scientific and Technological Institutions, Startups, SMEs, and other stakeholders), creating a truly dynamic Innovation Ecosystem, with sharing and cooperation that drives and accelerates the exploration of new green opportunities.

It's about getting out of our comfort zone and looking for opportunities that differentiate us from what we are today, and that allow the company to contribute to a better world by creating Innovative and Sustainable Chemistry.

Main areas of innovation

At Bondalti, the main objective of Innovation is to foster an entrepreneurial culture while exploring new green opportunities. To this end, we focus on nine areas of demand for innovation, three of which cut across our two business areas (Core Chemicals and Decarbonization Business).

Core Chemicals

New business
Operational efficiency and effectiveness


Wind turbine
Incorporation of renewable energies
Low carbon footprint products
Carbon capture, use and storage

Innovation Challenges

The search for new innovative opportunities at Bondalti is endless. Come and co-create the future and grow with us!

Revolutionizing Process Efficiency and Effectiveness

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5/4/2024 11:59 PM

Bondalti realizations

GreenH2Atlantic//Green hydrogen for Europe

GreenH2Atlantic//Green hydrogen for Europe


Fostering the link between renewable energies and commercial/industrial energies and building a low-carbon future that is resilient to climate change, actively contributing to accelerating the implementation of the European Green Deal.

H2ENABLE//New Sources of Green Hydrogen

H2ENABLE//New Sources of Green Hydrogen


Use renewable electricity to produce green hydrogen through the electrolysis of water that will be used as a chemical raw material, fuel for heat generation to replace natural gas, and as fuel for hydrogen-powered vehicles to replace other fossil fuels (mainly diesel).

E-Nox//Valorization of materials and circular models

E-Nox//Valorization of materials and circular models


Development of an innovative technology that allows the revalorization of materials that are currently unwanted by-products of nitric acid production, as well as their conversion into raw materials for the same process. This technology will also enable the recovery of greenhouse gases N20 and NOx through electrochemical processing.

Let's grow together

At Bondalti we work with startups, SMEs, universities, technology centers and any entrepreneur who wants to explore new green opportunities.

Share your solutions or ideas
Make yourself known
Come and co-create with us

Is your start-up looking for a partner to enable it to grow sustainably? You're in the right place to introduce yourself, because we want to get to know you.

We are looking for start-ups that allow us to diversify our business model by creating new value propositions. To respond to a specific challenge, visit us at 'Innovation Challenges'.

Do you have an idea for a new product, service or business model?

We want to know your point of view on how we can improve what we deliver to our external stakeholders today, or reach out to new stakeholders.