Bondalti is the largest Portuguese producer, and one of the main Iberian operators, in the industrial chemicals sector. It has manufacturing plants in Portugal (Estarreja) and Spain (Torrelavega) that aim to satisfy a wide range of customers in the domestic and international markets.

In the organic chemicals segment, Bondalti is the European sales leader and one of the world's leading non-integrated aniline producers, through the use of proprietary technology. In the inorganic chemicals segment, it is also the Iberian peninsula’s largest producer of chlorine, using the most environmentally sustainable and efficient technology, and best practices.

Seeking increasingly sustainable operations that contribute towards a better world, Bondalti fosters a model under which customers and suppliers work in an integrated manner, in partnership, establishing perfectly consolidated long-term relationships. This enables each entity to focus on the activities it specialises in and in which it has the greatest knowledge, allowing for greater efficiency, transparency and consistency in the development of industrial products, and reducing collateral risks and waste.

This operating model has successfully formed the basis of its growth and internationalisation strategy.

From its Iberian hub, Bondalti exports over 90% of its production, focusing on delivering competitive prices, flexible services and high-performance and efficient solutions.


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