Operation and maintenance

At Bondalti Water, we provide a comprehensive operation and maintenance service for drinking water treatment (ETAP), wastewater treatment (WWTP) and water regeneration (ERA) facilities. By carrying out the proper management and management of the facilities, with a highly qualified and specialized service, we guarantee maximum performance and efficiency, extending, in turn, the useful life cycle of the equipment and components associated with water treatment and purification processes.

We have a Computer-Assisted Maintenance Management (G.M.A.O ABISMO) system that allows us to carry out the maintenance plan for all assets in the facility.

The main advantages it offers are:

  • Better organization of the service.
  • Adequate execution of maintenance and traceability work in service management.
  • Planning, coordination, and control of needs and activities.
  • Control and monitoring to save expenses.

Thanks to predictive techniques and the experience and technical knowledge of the human team, we achieve better quality water using only the necessary resources.

We have highly qualified technical personnel to carry out the daily operation of your facilities, as well as the supply of chemical products, management of necessary consumables and spare parts. Such as:

  • Predictive, preventive, and corrective maintenance management (ABISMO)
  • Remote control monitoring and supervision of facilities.
  • Prevention of breakdowns in electromechanical equipment.
  • Problem solving and correction through consulting, repairs, and the supply of spare parts.
  • Optimization of the process resulting in higher quality at a lower cost.
  • Collaboration and customer support through on-site training and consulting.
  • Permanent reports of Operation and Maintenance reports.