EU ambassadors accredited to Portugal visited Bondalti

Bondalti was visited by a group of resident and non-resident ambassadors from the European Union, an initiative that forms part of the action plan for the energy transition being developed by the Belgian Presidency of the European Council.

The delegation of around 30 people was led by Serge Wauthier, the Belgian ambassador, and received by Luís Delgado, Bondalti's executive director, and David Lopes, director of the Estarreja factory.

During the meeting, Bondalti's commitments to decarbonization and the energy transition were presented, and there was also a visit to the chlorine, aniline and derivatives factories, as well as to the industrial complex's control rooms.

The event's program concluded with two visits to Bondalti's partners, including the Port of Aveiro, from where the company moves a large part of its production.