ImpactLab, the new step in Innovation

Collect, create, manage, and share. These are the premises of ImpactLab, a new collaborative platform developed by Bondalti whose objective is to launch opportunities for innovation with a positive impact on people, on the business and on a sustainable transition to a greener and more digital economy.

ImpactLab was presented as part of Bondalti's new Innovation Strategy and Model for the next three years, a program that aims to accelerate the culture of innovation in the company, as a catalyst for sustainable development and increased competitiveness in the markets where the company operates.

Collecting ideas, creating prototypes, testing and expanding new products, processes, services or business models make up ImpactLab's systematic approach, transforming opportunities into business growth and allowing collaboration with entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, Technology Centers and Universities.

It is through this new platform that the innovative ideas of Bondalti employees are also submitted under the Colombo Program, an initiative launched in 2006 that aims to promote active involvement in the continuous improvement process. Over the years, more than 600 ideas have been presented under this program, of which about 140 have been implemented.