GreenH2Atlantic//Green hydrogen for Europe


Strengthen the link between renewable and commercial/industrial energies - Building a low-carbon future resilient to climate change, actively contributing to the acceleration of the implementation of the European Ecological Pact.



It is intended to develop and operationalize an unprecedented 100 MW alkaline electrolyser (ALK), boosting scalability, standardization and manufacturing automation in a flexible green hydrogen production process. This methodology includes an innovative interface system comprised of advanced power electronics. In addition, an advanced hydrogen management system, innovative and improved by Artificial Intelligence, will allow the reduction of OPEX, load factor, production management in real time, analysis of system behavior, among others.


Ambition and expected results

Global exploration and replication are expected to achieve production of 1 GW starting in 2030 in Sines. With this project, Bondalti will contribute to:

1. reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

2. deploy additional renewable energy capacity

3. replace Gray Hydrogen and Natural Gas with Green Hydrogen

4. achieve an affordable green Hydrogen price

5. unlock investments in the green hydrogen value chain at European level

6. create more than 1000 direct jobs and more than 2700 indirect jobs

7. achieve European and national energy and carbon targets

8. prove new technology to support the network and to serve industrial customers

9. facilitate the preparation and response of the green hydrogen market in Europe

10. provide relevant data for harmonization in the European sector and for the regulation of renewable energy sources


Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals