Create new bonds

Bondalti's presence in Torrelavega, Cantabria, is recent. The company started its industrial operation in early 2020 and, with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, it established strong contacts with the local community and the government of the region. Faced with the health calamity situation, Bondalti offered several tons of sodium hypochlorite to regional authorities and several municipalities, including Torrelavega, for disinfection of public spaces.

The products produced at Bondalti are currently being offered to three municipal swimming pools under the management of the Torrelavega, Polanco and Suances municipalities. This three-year agreement demonstrates one of the many practical applications of the company's products and their social importance.

Following the partnership established with the Department of Environment of the Cantabrian Government for the conservation of the Grizzly Bear, Bondalti has decided to bring the topic of Biodiversity to the youth of Torrelavega. To this end, it has signed a partnership with the Santillana del Mar Zoo, which aims to offer guided visits, accompanied by a trainer, to about 250 students per year, belonging to the five public schools of Torrelavega.

Signed for a three-year period, this protocol is of particular importance in that it strengthens environmental education, awareness of the importance of biodiversity and, ultimately, the spirit of citizenship of a wide range of young people. At the end of the visits, each student receives a set of gifts and an explanatory brochure focusing on the benefits of biodiversity and environmental protection.

Another project dear to Bondalti Cantabria is the partnership established with the Torrelavega Asylum Foundation, which provides support to children with different types of disabilities. To facilitate the communication between these children and the outside environment, such as the family or their caregivers, Bondalti has offered a TOBII Communicator - a dynamic technology that serves to communicate effectively, through eye tracking, for those who do not speak or have speech difficulties. The goal of this project, still in the pilot phase, but that can gain scale, is to promote functional communication as a way to express not only needs, but also feelings and ideas. And, also, allow greater autonomy of users in all contexts of their daily lives.

In addition to these partnerships, Bondalti also supports other activities, such as the Torrelavega handball team. In 2022, Bondalti's employees and management joined forces in a food collection to offer to the local Red Cross delegation, in an attempt to minimize the community's food needs.