Drinking Water

Bondalti Water offers solutions for the purification of water, whatever its origin (underground, surface, etc.), adapted to each specific type of water and possible contaminants, as well as to the requirements required, according to its use (water as an ingredient in the food industry, process water, among others).

Water purification is carried out at Drinking Water Treatment Plants (ETAP), where raw water undergoes different steps with the objective of eliminating all substances not suitable for human consumption.

Bondalti Water has a wide range of water treatment technologies, from traditional systems to the most avant-garde:

Coagulation — flocculation

It is part of a physico-chemical treatment, whose objectives, within a purification system, include: reduction of suspended solids and organic matter; reduction of non-biodegradable contaminants (heavy metals, etc.); elimination of color, odor and turbidity from river waters or reservoirs; removal of hardness for drinking water or boiler water.


The lamellar decanter has the function of separating semi-heavy and heavy suspended elements (sand, clay, sludge), which capture water and impair subsequent treatment, generating deposits in hydraulic lines, pipes and channels, abrasion on wheels and pumping equipment.


The filtration system with continuous washing system (FAC), simultaneous with filtration, represents a major technological advance compared to conventional systems. These work discontinuously with a progressive decrease in performance. FACs guarantee the flow and continuous quality of the filtrate, without the need for interruption during the process.

The applied sandbed cleaning mechanism makes this system unique.

Removal of ions and chemical elements by ion exchange

Membranes (micro, ultra, nano, osmosis)

Disinfection (chlorination, ozone, ultraviolet)