Among the possibilities available on the market, membrane bioreactors (MBR) are one of the most promising technologies for the treatment of effluents due to the high quality of the effluent obtained and their ability to adapt to the particularities of each industrial sector. For these reasons, at Bondalti Water, we have been investing in its implementation in various industrial sectors for over 20 years.

MBR technology was progressively implemented throughout the industrial fabric. The wastewater most susceptible to being treated with MBR technology is those with an easily biodegradable organic carbon content.

Bondalti Water has found a wide field of work and acceptance in the food and beverage sector. However, highly recalcitrant (i.e., poorly biodegradable) wastewater has also been treated using MBR technology, since the high retention times achieved allow for a more effective biological treatment than that obtained by conventional biological processes. These include landfill leachate and effluents from the pharmaceutical industry.

System advantages:

  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Fast implementation and integration with existing systems
  • Reduces or eliminates disinfection needs
  • Low transmembrane pressure (TMP) operation
  • Meets the strictest limits of organic matter, SS, and nutrients
  • Membrane lifespan of more than 10 years
  • Compact solution, minimizing deployment needs
  • Reduction of sludge production and costs associated with dehydration
  • Elimination of problems inherent to sludge decanting
  • High-quality effluent, suitable for reuse