Bondalti Water leads MBR technology

The advanced Membrane Bioreator (Membrane Biological Reactor, MBR) technology for wastewater treatment, its advantages and the various success stories in its application were highlighted in a Masterclass entitled “MBR technology for urban and industrial wastewater treatment”, carried out by Luis Carlos Martinez and José Carbajo, respectively technical director and head of R&D projects at Bondalti Water | AEMA.

This was the fifth session of the “II cycle of 20 Masterclass on urban and industrial wastewater treatment”, an initiative promoted by the website, which brings together leading specialists and professionals from public and private companies and universities for an international and multidisciplinary debate on the topic over six months.

MBR technology stands out for combining ultrafiltration membranes with biological reactors for wastewater treatment, allowing high effluent quality and reuse, greater robustness in the face of load variations and reduced need for physical space in its installation.

Highlighting the European leadership of Bondalti Water | AEMA in implementing this technology in industrial clients, Luis Carlos Martinez emphasized that “our experience in MBR is the result of more than 20 years of work, of more than 150 applications of this technology, of multiple studies and of the investment policy that we have carried out to acquire in-depth knowledge in this area”.

José Carbajo highlighted that “excellence in the design, construction and exploration of an MBR requires a perfect combination of technology and knowledge and experience in purification processes, skills and the qualifications held by our more than 140 professionals”.

Sponsored by Bondalti Water | AEMA, this Masterclass it was attended by more than 580 participants from the water treatment sector from Spain, Portugal and Latin America, to which more than 300 deferred views have already been added.

Full video of the session available hereto.