Water reuse and regeneration

Reuse allows the reuse of treated water from the WWTP, which is considered reclaimed water ready for consumption, in accordance with current legislation, which establishes the legal regime for the reuse of treated water. The use of these flows brings substantial benefits in terms of water management for the companies that carry it out. To be able to make use of reclaimed water, it is necessary to obtain a concession or authorization, as well as prior approval from the health authorities.

The choice of regeneration treatments depends on factors such as specific pollutants, the quantity or quality of the affluent, the expected subsequent use of water, costs, and other factors such as energy use and the options available for waste disposal.

Currently, the most common regeneration treatments can be classified into three types:

  • Quaternary treatments
  • Advanced quaternary treatments
  • Multibarrier, multimembrane or triple barrier treatments

The activities carried out by Bondalti Water in water regeneration systems are:

  • Design, construction, commissioning and exploration of regeneration treatments. Turnkey projects.
  • Operation and maintenance of existing regeneration facilities.
  • Audits of regeneration facilities in operation.
  • Technological improvement of existing regeneration facilities to adapt them to new requirements.
  • Study of technological alternatives for the regeneration of purified water for reuse.